Hellos. How are you? You have always been at the back of my mine. So many times I wanted to come to you and pour my heart and soul like I used to but time whizzes by with life. Getting into an rountine now. The urge of getting a drink nowadays diminished as the bestie is preggy with her 2nd spawn! Shes abit more sensitive and emo but I cant say that to her face. She bites ferociously. I have my own demons to fight off too and she is affecting me. So I kept my distance away. Early part was horrible cos I was second guessing her posts. But later I just let it go. Honestly. 15 years of friendship could go down the drain because of a mere 3k what else could faze me now? Nothing much I think. 

Met up.with the Teacher and he said: becos we are dealing with our own family woes it is ok to not help the lesser fortunate. I do not totally agree with what he meant but he is trying to tell me to not take it too personally if I cannot save the whole world. 

Co workers are work are tryna be nice and friendly..But I feel a distance should be made. I try not to lost true self but the tenencies to be sociable and make friends are not that strong.I have this feeling my head of the team dislike me. Or istn too trusty on me. Maybe she feels im trying too hard? I feel like laughing. Trying too hard with her and drawing lines at making friends from work? What a joke. 

Life still goes on…