Deleting emails from old work server.
I thought i have cleared all but nope. Still there. All the sweet nothings. As i prep to leave this place..
Tidying up memories.
Storing them away . 
Leaving them locked up.
I texted just him.
Quoted :” “I would much rather have regrets about not doing what people said than regretting not doing what my heart led me to ans wondering what life had been like if i’d just been myself”
His response:  “cheam”
“Strange,  you sent me that”
“Got it”
“Any chance to catch up? Got it? Got what? Gucci or Prada?”
“This wewk see how cos drop off blah blah blah”
I should be used to it by now. His excuese.
Did not even say goodbye when he leaves office. Is this how itis? So busy until you forgotten me? Supposely your “Love”?
Why did I even asks him out again? When I knew the answer gona be hurtful to hear.
Guess Im a sucker for rejection. Rejection bounced off me like nobody’s business.
Maybe I thought something would change.
Just one last chance before i throw in the towel. I wondered which is worse. He asking me out only when i throw or he ignoring me when i do that.