Alot of shite happens at work. I am being transfer to another team doing something which has been discussed during the last review…
People whom do not know what happens thinks i am being promoted. Only I knew ….He just want us to be seperated so that Me n his xmm gf do not clash anymore. He cant afford to have anyone of ua to leave now.
Its really very sad that Ive become depressed over him. Its ridiculous of me.
Who the fark is he to make me feels like shite?
He claims its never her but reality shows it is indeed her.
When he has time or wifi overseas he can text keep texting her but me? I am always the last he would reply now.
Stop being stupid. He was never meant to be mine in the farking first place !!!
Stop putting in effort despite his feeble effort to maintain status quo. It will never be like before….