2012 has its up and down…. beginning of the year I desperatly wanted a second kid and trying to the point of driving the people around me crazy. When i discovered i was pregnant i was found out that the occasional sharp point on my right tummy is caused by a water cyst. It was a huge scare experience for me. But this made belived in GEY more. When i reached the first trimester the cyst “dropped” and the pregnancy went smoothly. My job was in jeopadised then and i left during my last trimester. It was then i finally realised that the “work paradise” was an oasis . None but an illusion. I gained and lose friends from that company.
I promise myself 2013 will be better and i told my eyes to open wider while working in the new company. Yes thats right, i had found a new job straight after my confinement and i guess it meant to be this way that i was hired right on the first interview. My 2013 has already gotten to a good start. Cheers