2nd day back home. Things did not turn out as planned. Im at bukit batok house doing my confinement. Baby Nigel has alittle jaundice and tomorrow he needs to go for his check up. Im alittle afraid but i know this cant be avoided because all kids bound to have alittle jaundice…. I just feel so depressed. I thought that by getting the bank loan my confinement would be better and I do not have to rely on others. But why my money just ran out like that? somemore I strike $5000 and it also finish like tap water…. How come other people like that sil of mine can need jot work and just rely on others charity. Is it because she do not have the proper upbringing?! I hope guan er ye gong will bless me again with luck let me have another winfall this weekend… let the next couple of months be bearable untill i found a job.