I seriouslubdo not understand… i though its suppose to be the older you ger wiser you will be?! Why do i get people who liked to claim credits when they helped you (worse when its them whom volunteer) or promise to help but gave u shit like oh i need to get a away for a few days cos of relative wedding and blah blah blah. These elders are suppose to be our flesh and bloods mind you. Not some random strangers !!!!
#1 : In the very beginning I have told you that we will just need you to quote us whatever work you intend to help us with the new house and we will loan from the bank. And you said bank installement is going to kill us and he is your son how can you not help and blah blah blah blah… you expect us to meet your high expectation and when we failed to delivered it you use harsh words like how disappointed you are and how he measure up. You used money to pressure us!! How the fuck can you do that to your own flesh and blood?????!!!! I mean we did not beg you to help in the first place okei and then after you come out and said blah blah blah blah. What is this??!!

#2 : You only think of your husband and not your children. And then your children turn out this way then you started to blame it on your husbamd and blah blah blah ,for goodness sake , how selfish can you get? You do not do it for the next generation who should benefit from it but you just place everything on a man who does not “appreciate ” you or so you say. But have you thought of it? There are other people whom suffered even more than you. At least you do not have to worry about where the next meal is coming or when the debtors is going to come knocking on your door !!

#3: The last time round you said that you are upset becos she does not know how to take care of other peoples child (which is true) this time round when ask you to help you promise way before the due date that you will definetly hwlp. But now?! Oh you gotta attend a wedding in another country and they bought your tickets and blah blah blah. Well , what can i say / do when you said it that way . When i say fine go ahead I will just do it at the previous place you go : as long as you are happy. You know how that maks me feel ?! Like its my fucking fault WHICH IS NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to have a good confinement to rest and get my body back on track without having to worry about people “helping” but still want to talk bird language. You said he blah blah blah and his parents blah blah blah. Bt then did you fuilfull what you promise?! NO!! I appreciate all you have done over the years but im really disappointed this time. If i had just gone ahead and hire a nanny for the period then i would have less headache….

For the past 2months or so that I resigned and shit happens at home which it cannot be solved by me all I can think to comfort myself is that : Lucky i do not have to face shit at work!!!