That after 2 years of being “good friends” the 3 Js still do not understand each other? ! I just had the longest whatsapp conversation or rather her blasting me as usual session with ass. About why she is not talking to me despite all her behind the scenes helping me and how i trample pom like how i trample. Her and how pom performance is being affected by me ignoring her. Etc etc etc. .. I really do not know to laugh or cry .
One part of me know that we still care for one another and the other part of me just want to “let go” because i seriously do not need all these shit drama. As if my life not enough shit. I mean come on if u r my friend u would think for me and not give me additional stress.
After 2 years what kind of person am I? U still do not know?
I just let her rant and did not reply her. Since I have decided to “let go” then so be it. No point saying so much when nobody wants to give leeway to see eye to eye.