its her 2nd day today…haha,she did not want to leave after school to come home.Too fun in school I think.haha,we shall see how tomorrow!!


What is the point of scolding him when he is not around? Scold and let me hear? You as his mother  should know how much he is earning…You expect 900 from him as allowance? ringgit is it? I think even ringgit 900 is too much for him to handle…Now you know how much we are struggling right…I hope you are not thinking that he gave me a lot of allowance okei, im getting less than you and i have to top up some more using my own salary…. to think that you still ask me not to work in the beginning..Not to work and stay at home all wait to die?

All his shortcomings are from you is`nt it? You are his mother…by scolding him are you not scolding yourself too?Thats the reason why I am scared to let you take care of Naomi…I rather let her attend full day childcare!!