Kept feeling restless….like something major is going to happen…Is it cos I am letting him take control of everything? I meant like paying most of the expenses and decisions that’s why im feeling…not secure? But I think it’s the only way he can learn to take responsibilities. One must know how to manage her husband. If not….How to have long-lasting marriage like MM Lee and his wife? ALthough Mrs Lee is as capable as MM Lee but she also choose to take a side stand and let him have the limelight. She is really the “woman behind the successful man ” . I want this to last long like them.. Really want me and ah beng to ” til death do us part”

I have asked to speak to my boss about my confirmation plans. I don’t want to do something that I have no confident in…I seriously want to save a lot of money in case of rainy days. Please help to grant my wishes….