I really cannot stand this family. What else can bemor important than your own flesh and blood???! You would rather subject ur flesh n blood to other people ridcule than bring him back home to stay….I really do not understand. All the things that I am seeing is making more adamant that I am moving out at first chance!!! No way would I subject my own kid to YOUR culture.I hope God in heaven will see my true motive and bless the family with peace ,health and richness.

As you grow older you really cannot help but be more cynical and jaded by things happening around you. Just do the best that you can. At least I`ve tried..

Seeing some of my ex colleagues having such fun at work really makes me….sad and envious. How come when I was around you did not bother to take part and have fun with me?? But I told myself its all over and I have left that sad place since april. I am happier here. I hope I can stay long.